About Us...

Christi Moore


With Many years as a singer, actor, and writer in professional theatre, Christi brings a unique performance style to the live music scene. Known mostly for her rock n' roll sound, she may surprise  you as she brings a mellow tone to this creative musical endeavor.  She is excited to sing rock, pop, country and yes, standards with a new approach and is happy to customize any show for the audience.

Steve Hatfield


Steve's professional history includes every kind of music you can imagine. Known for his commitment to excellence, he is one of the most sought after drummers in the Midwest.  His arrangements  are truly inventive and his unmatched expertise in rhythm is the heartbeat of this venture.

William Flynn


Described as playing a "Mean Guitar" (Wichita Eagle), William is a jazz guitarist and educator based in Wichita, KS. Playing as leader and sideman at local clubs and festivals, he has also taught and presented at conferences and universities around the country.  William brings innovative improv  and impressive jazz  technique to B-Side.