A different spin!

Your favorite tunes reinvented with a dynamic jazz vibe!

Taste of Jazz@Wichita Art Museum

What People are saying... 

"B-Side and Taste of Jazz Sunday was a great evening! I want to thank you all for the great performance! I counted 208 people in the crowd that evening. That’s a nice size crowd for a Sunday night. The audience really loved the performance!" 

Mat Buckingham - Curator of Education, Wichita Art Museum

"This is wonderful! It's more than background music, which is what I think when I hear the word 'Jazz'.  Great tunes! It's fun and lively, but you can enjoy a conversation too."  

Nancy and Bill - Ya Ya's guests



"What an incredible performance! The music was amazing and yet, it's so much more than a band! Christi  crafted the show to fit our group perfectly and brought an energetic interaction that had our audience in stitches! Featuring the B-Side made this one of our most popular events to date!" 

Mark Bretches - Manager, Wesley Friends 

"B-Side is the BEST!  So much fun!! You have a great sound, wonderful vocals, incredible arrangements and I loved hearing songs I grew up on played by such talented musicians: everything from Tennessee Whiskey to 7 Nation Army!…Can't wait to hear you again!" 

 Debbie- Walker's Jazz Lounge 

Walker's Jazz Lounge